Cassette Review //
Endless Caverns
"Jewel Mining"
(Flower Room)

$6 //
Edition of 75 // //

A deep organ drone grows with some sharper tones behind it.   It feels as if we are diving deeper and deeper, journeying to the bottom of the ocean.   Dark and brooding now there is a way of exploration about this as the speakers begin to shake.    It fades out though at one point it sounds like it is about to and then doesn't.

Magical sounds come through next like a strumming psych guitar.   There are whooshes behind this as well which can change the mood to where it feels haunted.    Notes begin to shine through like FNL now.   Whirrs glisten and make me feel like we're in space now.   The guitar really comes through as this takes on the form of hypnotic post rock.   It grows to where it might feel odd that this has been birthed from the sounds which came before it.

On the flip side the tones begin in a way which it feels like something grand is about to launch.    Guitar notes just come piercing through and then there is this dark jangle.   The speakers shake once again.    It begins to take on this solemn vibe now, as I imagine someone such as an executioner taking his victim for that last long walk.    The notes begin to echo in the background, such a hollow and darkening mood. 

There is this overwhelming feeling of space, but it feels at times like a rocket launching into space, driving through the galaxies at top speeds, while at other times it can feel as restless as simply floating through space-- no direction, no way home and not only do we not know where we are, we don't really care.   I like to think of that as being a good representation of life though: doing things within a reasonable amount of time but also slowing down to truly appreciate and experience them.


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