Cassette Review //
"Good Thyme"
(Custom Made Music)

$8 // //

This starts off pretty dreamy like garage rock but then kicks into something much faster and wild.   It's this blissed out rock n roll that reminds me of Superdrag, Damn Personals and Coastal Car.     There are elements of something from the 1980's or 1990's here as well- I want to say The Cars- and then when it kicks into the chorus on this first song I just imagine a strobelight flashing before that big breakdown.

On the second song we kick into this beat which can be somewhat like Flaming Lips but also feels like it could go into something more hardcore- you know, like the way sometimes a screamo band would have that one ballad type song.    This song has that musicianship in it as well, where you can just tell that this band is serious about playing their instruments and it's just such a trippy type of song I'm not sure what it can be compared quite with.

From the beeping we go into this slower paced song which has beats and kind of reminds me of the Flaming Lips "Fight Test" song (but especially that era of them as well)   The guitar notes make this back and forth as the cymbals crash and this reminds me a bit of something from the grunge era or just on the outside of it, just when it came to its end.    For some reason, this song also makes me think of Soul Asylum.

I'm not sure why anyone would name their band Oats, but then again I'm not sure why anyone would name their band anything.    These three songs are pretty chill, blissed out, trippy space rock and if you need to relax or just walk around your neighborhood and clear your mind then this could be the cassette for you.   I'm definitely looking forward to more songs from Oats. 


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