Cassette Review //
Feu Follet
"Le Champ Des Morts"
(Blackjack Illuminist Records)

€7 //
Edition of 15 // //

Right away this cassette starts with some dark synth and keys.   It's energetic and in ways can remind me of The Cure, but at the same time it also reminds me of the band Brazil (who I feel are vastly underrated) and that is in more of a modern sense.    The drums just go crazy near the end of this first song and then the second starts off with more of these 1980's/1990's synths, which I enjoy because if you're going to listen to cassettes it's nice to hear the music that was originally on them.

This has a darkness about it, but it also can feel like the soundtrack to some forgotten movie from perhaps 1991.    Though these songs have singing- and great singing you really need to focus on- the music itself is often times a lot to just take in.   An instrumental version of this cassette would do quite well I imagine.   There is a slight video game feeling to this as well.

On the third song I definitely feel some sort of synthwave that could be on the radio right now (or back when I listened to the radio, because I realize now I want it to be in that radio block of Neon Trees and Owl City, who probably aren't on the radio anymore)   The fourth song- "Nantosuette"- has a lot of electronics and beeping and then it turns into this peaceful wave of distortion as well.   Is there such a thing as electro-shoegaze because I do believe I just experienced it. 

As we go into "La Queue Du Loup" we're in a definite darkwave sound, which at times can even begin to remind me of certain songs by Blue October.    This then goes into these great synths which make me feel a little alien.    This takes us into the next song which has more of a 90210 feel but also is somehow more upbeat with the synth like a movie from the "Pretty In Pink" era but also a little bit modern.

The flip side opens with some blissed out key tones.  Then it comes in with that groove.   A small music box-like lullaby is what this all becomes reduced to before these tones drone in through the background.   This is on this loop that just makes me feel like we're going into the water, yet in space at the same time, and then this immediate driving guitar riff comes in.     We go into a song next which starts with a lot of music and eventually vocals come out in the drive.

Tones feel somewhat alien but then kick in with this great percussion part and it's just driving in the sense that you want to put it on and go down the highway- like that song about wearing sunglasses at night.   There don't appear to be vocals on this song, though sometimes the music can sound like them, and this cassette is rather heavy on the music overall which just makes it that much more fun to listen to for me.    If you're into anything synth/modern then this cassette would be perfect for you as well.


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