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Bizarro Lucha
"Endless Waltz"

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This is the second event I watched on IWTV and my first time seeing Bizarro Lucha.   This came up because it was recently added so I looked at the card, saw Mike Quackenbush and a lot of names I didn't recognize so I figured taking that move from CHIKARA to this makes sense.   I don't just want to watch wrestling where I go "Oh yeah, I know him!"  I really want to see the matches where I feel like I don't know 80% of the names on the card.  I want to be won over by new names and Bizarro Lucha was a good place to start with that.

The one rule I enjoy about Bizarro Lucha is that there are no DQs unless you pull off someone else's mask and not everyone is masked.    The first wrestler that I recognized on here was Shotzi Blackheart who I have actually never seen compete before but there was this story about her not too long ago and, um, if you want to google it and find out then go ahead but let's just say I'm not saying what I know her for with good reason.   Her match against Atticus Cogar was quite good though and it had that psychology that I love in wrestling: they're just telling a story in that ring.

That isn't to go against everything that happened before that match.    The third match had seven people in it and as they all entered I said out loud (to no one) "How many people are in this match?"  Dreamboy001 is someone I want to follow.  So is Harlow O'Hara.   Dale Patricks needs to leave Creed in the past WHERE THEY BELONG.

There is a lot of history between Mike Quackenbush and Billy Roc, who face off on this show, and I feel like if I'm watching something which is a sport, something which has that athletic side to it, I enjoy the historical aspect of it.   It's one of the reasons why I love baseball.  Maybe if I thought about more statistics like "These two teams haven't met in the Super Bowl for fifteen years" I'd watch the NFL, but it's still rather boring to me.  But to have that history makes the match feel much more special and when you watch this (which you should) you can hear all of that history for yourself and just not how you're watching magic happen.   And it isn't even the main event!

Percy Davis and Suge D put on this great match which was just... it was a tough match to call for a winner because both guys just left it all in that ring.  I feel like sometimes in wrestling (one of the reasons why I stopped watching so much) is because there are so many nearfalls and so many kick outs when it comes to finishers.   I feel like it hits that point of "He just blew him up with a grenade!  How did he kick out of that!" you know?  But this match is a great representation of how to watch two evenly matched competitors make you believe it could be over at any moment without feeling like "OMG 13TH RKO!!"

The main event was great... until it wasn't.   The Luchaversal Champion Mance Warner- who I've seen in MLW- took on Calvin Tankman who I've never seen before but is built like, well, a tank.   This was a stellar match with these spots where you just wondered what it would take for one of these guys to lose.   I definitely feel like this was one of those matches that was really hard hitting- like Suge D-Percy Davis before it- and you should go out of your way to see it. 

But then Nick Iggy came in.   And yeah yeah, I know, heel heat blah blah blah, but this was so disappointing.   These two guy put on such a great match and then they kind of had it ruined at the end by having Nick Iggy come in to cash in a rematch clause, which even the commentary team said wasn't like MITB so why do it at the end of the match.   I just wanted to see someone win who earned it and that was either going to be Mance Warner or Calvin Tankman.   I don't think of this move as much as something that a heel would do, in that way of "They want you to not like it so it did what it was supposed to do", but rather it's one of those reasons why I stopped watching a lot of wrestling because- to be blunt- shit like this just pisses me off. 

Overall, I enjoyed this show to the point where I will watch Bizarro Lucha again.  I feel like there are good stories to be told within the ring and the characters just really help me get invested in the match.   In some ways, I feel like Bizzaro Lucha is a non-PG version of CHIKARA and maybe I'm just biased because I enjoy both lucha libre and that which is bizarre but Bizarro Lucha might just be my new favorite wrestling promotion. 


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