Comic Book Review //
Vol. 5 # 1
by Christopher Priest
(Dynamite) //

Back in the 1990's, when I was but a teenager, I was really into comic books, buying a bunch of them whenever I could.   I was friends with other kids into comic books and that was at a time when you would be made fun of for reading them (gasp!)  But it was also a time before the internet became what it is today.   To put it simply, I bought my first Vampirella comic book back when I was in grade school and high schoolers would've been buying Playboy.  It was that sort of risque feel that you would hide it from your parents.

Fast forward to earlier this year and on Free Comic Book Day I got the Vampirella issue which said she'd be coming back and this is what I'm reading comic books for, really.    Not only am I excited about this new series, as you'll find in my upcoming reviews this isn't the only new Vampirella series I'm reading.   Yes, I'm going full Vampirella and I'm embracing every second of it.

This issue is about Vampirella explaining who she is to a psychiatrist in New Orleans.  Of course, he doesn't believe her and thinks it's a mental condition, but there was this plane crash where she somehow survived so it seems rather odd, no?   This is the first issue in the new series though, so I feel like a lot of it is just setting the tone for things to come and helping people who might have never heard of Vampirella before begin to understand who she is.

Right now, since we are at the first issue, the possibilities seem endless for this.  I already have the second issue ready to read so I'm excited.   I really enjoy the art in this and think Christopher Priest could tell some amazing stories.   But, mostly, I'm just a fan of Vampirella and whatever she does.   Even if this only puts eyes on her as a character to where people decide to go check out her earlier works then, in my mind, it's a success.    Also, if I ever go full out in the Dynamite store and buy Vampirella things which aren't comic books I will also write about it.


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