Cassette Review //
"The Dreamer"
(Already Dead Tapes)

$6 //
Edition of 150 //

Magical tones combine with winding guitars.   This has a feeling kind of like The Eagles, but then something else takes it over and it just becomes so much better than that band.   It's on this guitar loop with the drums and bells.   Sometimes it feels like classic rock, maybe prog rock, but overall it just rocks.    It's wild as it shakes the speakers with the intensity but then cools back down to that post rock sound.  

Scales rip through and this one has lost all sense of what I thought it might be and gone into this entirely different space- with what sound like horns or strings now- and it's just exploded.    As it breaks down it can sound a little bit like "The X-Files" as well.   A drone like a horn blares the song to an end and softer tones come through in succession next.    This also feels like it could be a horn but maybe the swirling of strings.   The rhythm grows and here comes that Jesus Jones-like singing.   

If trance rock is not a genre, this could be it.   It's that dreamy/trippy vibe coupled with these Santana-like guitar riffs and it's still just shaking my speakers.    With a bit of magic, this talent, this pure technique shines through in a classical way.    The bass and ahhh's come through now in such a fun way it feels like Willy Wonka or something from Woodstock but boy is it a trip.  

The guitar notes just scorch through and then we hear the lone piano keys.    A sax is coming through now as the piano picks up speed.    This continues in a loop which if you listen to it while moving can make you rather dizzy.   There is a definite "X-Files" here now.    As the tempo increases I feel like we are on a merry-go-round out of control.    Drum rolls dig deeper and it has a sound now between jazz and something from an old "Peanuts" cartoon.   

As the pianos come through differently now, more classical in a way, there are these big drums, a chorus of some kind and words being spoken chopped up and spit back out.   This has a very intense feeling to it-- it has that suspense of a ride gone wrong and you're not sure whether or not you might make it out alive.    This becomes reduced, somehow, to smaller modem scrambles.   

On the flip side we open with this steady rhythm, almost like Morse Code almost like "Mission: Impossible".   It grows into lyrics and this is not a sound I can quite put my finger on.   It's a somewhat psych feeling of rock n roll with hints of electronics but is there really anyone else out there making sounds like this right now?  I think back to What Made Milwaukee Famous.  I think back to what I used to like about U2 before they became a punchline.   And then this song kicks in quite heavy.  

The next song has these vocals which are much more trippy and they remind me a little bit of Blue October-- this whole song does.    The singing is really great though, even though this cassette has been mostly instrumental so far, it's really getting that singing going on the second side and it's going really well.   

We are taken into these notes which feel like a lullaby, like we are on our way to sleep.   The speakers are shaking and singing without words is there before this great guitar part comes in and really paints the picture.    This song really is just like some kind of trippy lullaby.    The notes really just have me hypnotized here.   

Two sets of vocals and some distinct guitar notes bring out the final song which just feels like something along the lines of folk pop and the way it just glistens is part of the overall magic of this cassette.  


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