Cassette Review //
Slow Cooker
"Do A Kickflip" //

One of my favorite parts of music is hearing new artists that sound like other artists I might have heard before but also with their own spin.   Enter Slow Cooker, a band which plays this wild rock n roll music that can be somewhat punk at times and somewhat hardcore at other times.   There is a little bit of garage in here and quite a bit of surf.    At times, I'm reminded of Tora Tora Torrence while at other times I'm reminded of the Sex Pistols.

Sometimes this is screamy and the best way to think about it is not as being in one genre but rather a blend of styles.    I feel some Dead Boys in this and that makes me feel like Slow Cooker would've fit in well during that CBGB era I wish we could experience something similar with now but likely never will again. 

This could be thrash surg, but it could also be some sort of weirdo art rock.   As it gets wild and jangly I am also thinking of Pollens, but one artist who I continue to hear throughout this cassette- as it tends to touch on genres and then quickly change it up just within one song- is Kane Hodder.   There was a time when Kane Hodder was my everything and I'm not even sure people still know about them all these years later.

You should pay close attention to the lyrics of these songs as well.  They're not easy to sing along with on first listen, as they can be complex, but after a few listens they'll get stuck in your head.  I like to think of Slow Cooker as being like I Kill Giants in that way.  There is also a song called "Slow Cooker" which both musically and lyrically is the best representation of this band biut you definitely should be rocking out to this entire cassette.


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