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La Loba

When the song "Address" first starts, there is this sound like bagpipes and it has this sort of buzzing drone behind it.   I like the idea of a song being titled "Address" because there are two ways to think of this.   On one hand, you could address something in the way that you talk about it, bring it to light, or an address could simply be a destination.   Both of these are good subjects for a song and by the end of this one I hope you've considered both.

What is behind the vocals on "Address" is a droning, it's that humming of the first sound you hear only it becomes quieter, more minimal.   This has that minimal feel to it, overall, musically, which is okay because the vocals are so big and powerful that they really control the entire song anyway.    In some ways, I like to think of this as being the opposite of instrumental, in the way that instead of being without vocals it is mostly only vocals (and yes, I'm aware of a cappella but this isn't it)

Throughout this song you will also notice that the pace is steady, slow but steady.   There is a serious quality to it in that way.   My best comparison point for this all is when they have that scene in Lord of the Rings where one of them gets hurt or is sick and the rest of them must go on anyway.    Galadriel sings this song and that's what this reminds me of in the same way that it feels ominous, like a warning in a way.

I often think about how much music I listen to, how many albums or EPs I hear on a weekly basis.  But I never really stop and think about how many single songs I hear.  Still, this might be one of the most unique I have ever heard.   In all of its softness, all of the stern qualities within, I feel like it could be an interlude, a connection between two faster paced songs.   At the same time though, if there was an entire album of music by La Loba that kept this same minimalism and pace I would be fully into that as well. 


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