Cassette Review //
Concrete Colored Paint
"Linhas em terra"

10€ //
Edition of 40 // //

Magical loops come through with a single word being spoken and at times it sounds like "cookie" but the more I hear it the more it changes.     More words are spoken now within the ambient air and it begins to reach a yell.    This has turned into a (somewhat one-sided) argument now.    There is a low hum drone behind this all and it begins to just take on the idea of being a field recording of a crowded room, complete with possible birds coming through as well.

Footsteps can be heard now in the electronic rain forest.    A car can be heard driving by as the words become scattered.    There is a miminal quality to all of this as well, that air of drone behind the audio clip/field recording with sometimes birds chirping.   Someone is speaking now and I believe it is an audio clip but then someone responds making me believe more that it is a field recording of a conversation.     The footsteps continue to carry us into a heavenly glow.

We're splashing around in electronic water now as if we've turned the light on when entering a room.   Does anyone else believe when you die you enter a place which is water to cleanse your soul?   Because that's how this feels to me, now that those audio clips and field recordings has subsided.    Singing comes through now with the strumming of an acoustic guitar and there is a "Desperado" sense about it as well.    This somehow turns into a wild carousel ride, complete with chopped up vocals and waves crashing.

Sonic blasts come whooshing through and then it is all reduced to birds chirping.    The waves mix with electronics now and it feels like a lightning storm.    It feels like horns are coming through now as well, some sort of broken down jazz.    Though it might be a bluesy harmonica, the more that I listen to it.    And then it just sort of drifts off to end the side.

On the flip side we start with birds for sure and it sounds a little like a field recording as well.    There is a deep drone behind this, which could be a ship out at sea because if you listen closely enough you can hear the water and assume the birds are seagulls.     This really just feels like a calm and relaxing day at the beach, though it's odd because if I went to the beach I'd hear too many other sounds- mostly of other humans- and that doesn't seem to be in here somehow. 

I feel like I hear jungle noises at times, and then at other times it feels like I hear seals and things of that nature-- creatures of the water.    This seems to be the basis of this whole side as well, which is definitely soothing and could be used for meditation but I'm also just fine with putting it on while I sleep and see what dreams it generates. 


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