Music Review //
Katrina Stuart
"Blue Roses"
(Musicash Inc) // //

Maybe it's because I grew up in the 1980's with names like Debbie Gibson and Tiffany or maybe it's something else, but I've always been a fan of music which has had a certain pop style.   There are artists out there that fit that mold of "This is one woman in a studio making songs with lots of other people"- and that's okay, but there are still artists who do this which I try to listen to but don't.   I'd really rather not name off the ones I don't listen to though because it goes against what I stand for on the whole.

Partly because of Debbie GIbson and Tiffany, later because of Madonna and then we get into artists like Britney Spears, P!nk and most recently there is Demi Lovato.  I always seem to find these women who are powerful and creating this sound which just completely encapsulates what pop music is supposed to do: to grab onto you and not let go until it takes every piece of you away from yourself.

On "Blue Roses", Katrina Stuart does exactly that.   This song is about being hurt or wronged in some way and feeling like flowers aren't going to make up for it, so at one point the song does say to take the roses and burn them.    I feel like that idea of a woman scorned is a trope, but at the same time I really think there aren't enough songs out there that just don't seem to care about your apology and know that moving on is most healthy for everyone in the situation.

This song hits me pretty hard on a personal level because I was never one to learn to let go.  I've stayed in many relationships for far too long and now it feels like because of a lifetime of doing that I push people away too quickly.   Still, if you don't wish to use the lyrics of this song as a warning for not letting someone overstay their welcome (thirteen long years I can't erase) it's got a great beat and just feels like it'd be fun to drive around while listening to on some night where you had no real plans.


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