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"Good Morning, Good Night"

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After more than one Silverdolls review I feel like I'm in a good place to type some words about this new cassette and have them make sense.   With this noisy rock comes a sound like darkwave as the vocals kick in on the first track.   It's picking up during the chorus and all I can think of when I listen to it is how it sounds like Silverdolls because we're at that point now where they have crafted their own genre of rock music.

“I’m watching my own footsteps” is a great line on the first song while the second says "I am driftwood / I'm not alone" in a heavier, almost screaming atmosphere.    As "Coward" starts with darker acoustics it has these vocals like Pink Floyd or Finger Eleven and it's just one of my favorite songs on here.   It's really an example- even this early on during the cassette- that this is Silverdolls best work to date.

“The Hunted” is driving, plotting and somewhat trippy.    “I wish you could admit your lack of confidence / do it / please do it” makes me think of Tora Tora Torrence a little bit and then it kicks in like a heavy ballad that every great rock cassette has.    For some reason Far and No Motiv come to mind.

"Comatosed" has an Interpol feel to it, the tempo increases a little and we get those Muse Doctor Who tones while "Fortress" is faster paced, upbeat and goes into this math rock type of breakdown.    "Pointless Bit of Joy" has this nice crunchy chord feeling which goes nicely with the song title.   I’m thinking of Gatsbys American Dream, Portugal The Man and a little Thrice on "Comatosed" then TTT more on "Pointless Bit of Joy" as well.

"Firecrackers", which is the last song, has that bomp bomp chorus and it’s a bit of a jam.   While it can be dreamy, and though this is probably intended with the title of the song, this whole cassette just goes out not with a whimper but with a bang.   If you thought it would end differently though, you weren't paying attention to how much overall this cassette just flat out rocks.


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