Wrestling Review //
Chaotic Wrestling
Summer Chaos
@ Boston Marriot, Burlington, MA


As soon as I found out about this show the first match which was announced was JT Dunn defending the title against Davienne.   Quentin and I were there when Davienne won the Chaotic Countdown match to earn this title shot, so I told anyone who would listen that we would be going to this show because if we weren't there when Davienne won the title I would never be able to forgive myself.  We got Jess, hit the road and made it to the Marriot with time to spare.  I'm always curious as to what venues wrestling run in and this one was among the nicest and it also had to leave hotel guests wondering what was going on.

This show was full of title matches and main events, so it was no surprise when it opened with a title match- Brad Cashew defending the New England Championship against Alec Price.  Cashew had just won this title back at "Chaotic Countdown" but Alec Price was quite the challenger.  Two rather equal opponents, I wouldn't mind seeing this match again.  I'm also curious to see who the next challenger is because I would love to eventually see Brad Cashew vs Anthony Greene.

The second match of the night saw Becca defend the Pan Optic Championship against Alisha Edwards.  During this match, a fan over near the stage side from us said something I assume was inappropriate to Alisha Edwards because she replied with "My husband would kick your ass" (and he would)  Look, I get it.  Women can be heels and Alisha Edwards is amongst the best heels in the world of professional wrestling today.  But that doesn't give you the right to yell inappropriate things at any wrestler.  It's 2021, not 1996 ECW era anymore.

Becca and Alisha Edwards had a great match though.  Alisha Edwards is a multi-time Chaotic Women's Champion and so she came out with that belt and it was kind of this idea of Becca having to earn the respect of Alisha Edwards to move forward with the new title.  It makes sense from the perspective of any new champion and former champion but this just told such a great story and Alisha Edwards even showed Becca respect after the match.

In what was a really fun match but my least favorite moment of the night, MSP defended the Tag Team Titles with Love, Doug against The Unit.   This was a great match with near falls and everyone just beating the hell out of each other.  I'm just not happy that The Unit won and became Tag Team Champions.   I think because everyone in the match went to the outside so much they need to do a rematch with all six competitors only make it No DQ and Falls Count Anywhere.  The ring simply cannot contain all of this awesomeness!

There were six matches announced for this show and as we made our way into number four I was wondering if some kind of time restrictions set by the hotel would prevent us from going to intermission.   Anthony Greene vs Ricky Smokes was the type of match where AG picked up the win and it's great to have him back in Chaotic, but you also just have to be impressed by the effort put forth by Ricky Smokes.  This might very well be a career-making match for Ricky Smokes and if he ends up facing Brad Cashew down the line that would also make sense.

We took an intermission before the final two matches (and a surprise segment)  What was funny to me is that looking at the tables during intermission, the talent out there with merch went: Brad Cashew, Alisha Edwards, Davienne, Love, Doug, MSP, Anthony Greene, Rich Palladino and Ricky Smokes.   There was also a table near the door with The Unit and Becca.  Wrestling fans go to conventions to relive those glory years, with veterans who are mostly retired- and that's fine, everyone likes wrestling for different reasons- but this was like my wrestling convention.  It is extremely tough to find a better group of talented wrestlers.

After intermission we came back for Chase Del Monte vs Aaron Rourke in a No DQ match with falls counting anywhere.  They broke several Kendo sticks, some chairs and even a table.  With the way this match played out- and you expected there to be a clean up after it- I'm not sure why it didn't switch places with the AG match so the clean up could be during intermission, but it was still a fun, hardcore style match that the crowd was really into.  The fans really got behind Chase Del Monte and Aaron Rourke, ever the heel, even got a round of applause as he was leaving but he still threw up the middle fingers.

In an unannounced segment Higher Society came out and said that they were auditioning three people to possibly join them.  This was odd because at first it felt like there was going to be a triple threat match with the winner possibly getting to join the duo, but the wrestlers came out one by one and faced either Armani or Paris.   Of course none of them won but if this gets us to Higher Society vs Aaron Rourke & Phil Cardigan then sign me up.

The main event was emotional, to say the least.  I felt like I was quiet because of anxiety.   There was nothing quite like seeing the near three count when Davienne would win it all and the entire crowd- most of whom were seated- just rose to their feet in a wave, expecting it to be over.  I've seen a lot of wrestling in my time and this is quite possibly the most emotionally invested I have ever seen a crowd in a wrestling match.   And, to be fair, it is also quite possibly the most emotionally invested I have ever been in a wrestling match.

Quentin and I were there when Davienne won the Chaotic Tag Team Titles with JT Dunn.  Davienne became the first woman to ever hold those titles.  We witnessed that history.  And on this night, Davienne became the first woman to ever hold the Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight Championship and we got to witness that history with Jess.   Whatever the future holds, whatever history Davienne is going to make in the future, you can bet that we will be there.