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Rock of Asia
"Asian Anthology"

When I think about music and when I listen to it I don't really put a lot of thought into what the country of origin is for the artist.   I suppose in some large way that is because I do not wish to stereotype or have a particular sound fit into a particular genre just because of where it comes from.   Sometimes that influence is just too strong to ignore, but when listening to "Asian Anthology" I realized I never really thought about what "Asian music" might sound like.

These songs have a nice rhythm to them and the lyrics seem to tell a story.   There is a flute but it is also a lot of acoustic sounding strums.  For artists I've heard before and can relate with this, there are only a few but it's names like Murder By Death and Flogging Molly.   Overall within these sounds I feel like they are medieval, set in the time of kings and queens.   Something can be said about Robin Hood but there was also that series called "Galavant".

Thinking about the whole medieval aspect of these songs does also make me think about The Lord Of The Rings and the music and vibes which that brings.  Often times I feel like these songs are about to take me on a quest and in that way there is also a little bit of Tenacious D.  I imagine everything that involves the time of a court jester but these songs are also just like traditional folk tales somehow.  

Listening to "Asian Anthology" makes me wonder how much this does reflect the culture.  Is this an example of true "Asian music" (Whatever that means, because really then what would be "American music"?) or should it just stand on its own merits?  I enjoy the sound of it overall, feel as if more artists should embrace this side of music and really just hope for as many people to hear this as possible so it can influence their music-making as well.  


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