Music Review //
Jeff Novotny JAZZPRJKT
"Cygnus X-1"

"Cygnus X-1" begins with some light tapping of the drums and a guitar note scale ascending into space.   This then just drops off into all sorts of horns which feel like they are taking us into the abyss.   Through pianos and bass it feels like there is this cool walking line, like something out of either "Peanuts" or The Beats.   Spoken words come in and then the pace picks up with distorted words.

The guitar notes come shining through, almost like surf, almost like Rush, but just in a big, piercing way.   Cymbals are crashing and this one feels faster paced now as the electronic keys come in sequences which make me think it's going a bit electronic.   It sort of fades out, really minimal, but then comes back with those horns blaring again.   This is when it reaches its truest form of jazz.

After some more spoken words, the pianos return and we're in this phase that I almost think of as being like "A Clockwork Orange" before the electro-keys come zooming back in.   Sometimes this feels like traditional jazz and sometimes it has that prog rock way about it, but whatever sound it is making it is rocking out.   The sax combines with a video game sound as we fade out again briefly.

Hidden words, cymbals and some horns coming through with electronics set the tone for the next portion of this song.   Even though this seems like one long, fifteen minute song there are breaks where it could be broken down into different tracks but to experience it all in one go is also important to the overall sound.    This takes on a sound of video games as it all comes to a head before yet another pause around the nine minute mark.

Horns come back blaring in now, with words behind them and those cymbals riding.  This picks up a bit heavier and feels like something that maybe the TSO would create.   Quieter, the words come through like a monster as we cross soundscapes.   A short stop and then the keys come in with the drums much like The Advantage.   This all comes out full jazz now and it just feels like a get up and dance moment.   The guitar drives with the electronics and it feels like we won a video game.