Music Review //
Sheri Miller
"Gold Hearted Man"

While music with guitars can often times be heard as rock n roll, Sheri Miller has a way of taking a guitar-based dance song with "Gold Hearted Man" and turning it into something else, something unlike what is in the world of music today.  Right away this song comes off as being Top 40 when you press play on it but I do feel like if you were listening to more songs by Sheri Miller they might become different levels of rock, the way an artist like Alanis Morissette does.

At first, during the verses, "Gold Hearted Man" has this sound which reminds me of Shania Twain.   I enjoy this because it's just that sort of country but really rocking sound like you'd hear when being told that you aren't impressive.   This, however, takes a turn more towards the rock side of music with the chorus and the sneaky bass line.   There is enough country in this song to make fans of that genre give it a listen but there are also those Florence and the Machine parts for the rock fans.

"Gold Hearted Man" has a lyric video which is a still image with the lyrics appearing on screen as they come out during the song.  This is another example of how I like lyric videos just because the lyrics are something you want to focus on during this song to full understand it.  The lines: "I once was the desert / Now I'm the Nile" explain a lot of what is going on in this song and it just feels like it's about wanting or needing something and then getting it and feeling fulfilled.  You can do that in any aspect of your life.

Much of this song is kind of a trick being played on your mind but in a good way.  When you really begin to analyze it, the title itself can be the same as a Neil Young song only with the words twisted around.   But this song is also from the point of view of wanting that man with a heart of gold, which might not be easy to find but you definitely have to try and not just for a man but to aim for the best in everything that you do.  


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