Music Review //
"Take Over"

The sound of Har'Monique exists within that of the hip hop guidelines but it also branches out within them to other related genres.  There are beats which make me want to get up and dance to this one.   There are some sounds which make me feel like this has soul and also that R&B way about it.   But within the singing on the chorus it can feel as if this song almost branches off into reggae. 

There is a fast pace to this song which makes it feel like it could be played in clubs and on the radio.   Though it might not be 100% the same, "Take Over" can still exist within that same pop radio stream as artists such as Dua Lipa, Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj.  This is an easily identifiable sound- not to make a comparison with, but to decide within the first few seconds of hearing it whether or not you like it.

Something also needs to be said for how this song takes me back to sounding like something I would buy as a cassingle.   Artists like Mya, Brandy, Aaliyah and even Gloria Estefan can be heard within.   Whether intentional or not, I enjoy how this song and the musical style of Har'Monique can take me back to the past because many times music just feels like it can translate with listeners better when it has that nostalgia factor.

If you're looking to find a fast paced dance number that can touch upon the past while creating a new sound for the future then "Take Over" is right for you.    The way this song sounds, Har'Monique could create an album with a ballad on it or an even faster club number and I wouldn't be surprised.   The way that this leaves the overall sound to expand and still remain grounded is perhaps my favorite part.  


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