Music Review //
Blue and Broke
"Was it Worth it"

The story behind this song is explained within the opening sequence of the video and it is that in 1762 Jean-Jacques Rousseau published "Emile" but would later go on to force his wife to give up five newborn babies for adoption.   The fact that this song and video is bringing attention to that is quite important because I feel like it is something which is not being taught in the schools, to the extent that I at least don't remember ever learning it before.

This song begins with these soulful vocals and the sound which you might have heard from a singer in the times when singers existed in clubs and musicians were behind them playing the piano.  I know there are likely better examples out there but when I think of this I always go back to the character of Jessica Rabbit.   By the end of this song too you will also hear this cool slide of the Doors-like keys which creates a gospel vibe.

While I am usually a big believer in music videos needing to be visual to the point where it feels like something is going on, this particular video by Blue and Broke is an image of a single person singing in front of a black background.   This is important to me though because it makes it feel like you're just being stared in the face and confronted about something which perhaps you do not wish to be confronted about.   

"Was it Worth it" has a very precise message.  The lyrics wonder whether or not the five children given up for adoption look like the mother or father.  Unless if you have also been forced to give up five children for adoption, you might find it difficult to relate to this song (And if you have been forced to give up five children for adoption you have my sympathies)  There still exists a place in music though where songs don't have to feel relatable in order for them to be must listen and this just proof of that.