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Celebrity Warship Culture
"Recreational Everything"

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Celebrity Warship Culture has created a certain blend of rock which crosses through different genres but remains something loud, fast paced and definitely needed to be heard.  When the first song comes on- "Recreational Everything"- it this weird, almost uninviting way about it, as if they're testing out whether or not you want to stick around for the rest of the album.  This becomes less odd as the rest of the songs form, but it is still not quite conventional.

During the second song I hear a bit of what can only be described as Pearl Jam during their "Vitalogy" era.   "Medicational Nothing" has these screams and is a bit out there, which has me thinking about mewithoutYou, though also mixed with something else.   This partly reminds me of early Liars, somewhat of Reflector and something else I can't quite put my finger on but it would have been a perfect fit for the bands I was listening to in the early 00's like Eleventeen, Time Spent Driving and Alison Ranger.

There is a certain amount of melody on "Rebirther" while "Current Nostalgia" reminds me of The Hold Steady.   "R(Evolution)" is a nice rock ballad while we then get into a song called "Bill Hader" which is just heavily distorted and screaming, the true example of an album going out with a bang.   This also makes me think of the band MARRIAGE + CANCER and though I do think of them quite often it's rarely because I hear them in other artists (which is a shame because I love them so much there should be a little bit of them in all rock music)

What I love most about this album is that even though it can sound like different genres there aren't really a lot of artists to compare it with specifically.  This reminds me of something from the late 1990's (post grunge) that I would listen to, such as 1000 Mona Lisas and Dandelion, or something from the early '00's such as Christiansen.    In those ways and in that overall rock genre aspect of it, this is just that type of rock I can't always describe but I always love it. 


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