Music Review //
Nancy Wenstrom
"Inside Story"
(WCM Records)

The first sound you will likely recognize within the music of Nancy Wenstrom is that of country.  Even with the song called "California Love", there is a way about it which just makes me think of Reba.   But as the album goes on, the style can change from song to song and expand out from just being that country you first might hear.

There is an almost sad way about some of these songs, but it also just feels like it's about life and getting old.  It's not as much sad as it is a matter of fact.   "Vintage Tears" brings out more of a honky tonk way, there is more of a drive to it, and that harmonica kicks in.  "Dr Rhythm" has pianos and a somewhat distorted guitar which makes me think of the blues more than anything else, which is even mentioned in the song.

On "Reusable Blues" (which the title is correct in suggesting is a blues song) there are keys which feel a little bit gospel.   This song also makes me think of Shania Twain.  By "Lucky Me, Lucky You" we are treated to a Buddy Holly era ballad of rock n roll.  "In The Blues Kitchen" reminds me a bit of Little Richard and overall this album just seems to find its way between rock, the blues and a little bit of country.

What I like most about this album is that even though the first song (or two) have a distinct country sound to them, the rest of the songs seem to stray away from that a little bit more with each one.   Too many other artists would've taken that sound on the first song and just ran with it- creating all songs which sound way too similar.  Musicians don't seem to want to take as many chances for fear of isolating part of their audience but Nancy Wenstrom is not afraid of different genres and for that this album becomes so much fun.


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