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Jordana Talsky
"Zahava" //

One thing that I will always respect about music is when an artist is willing to take a chance and try something which hasn't been done before.   In this way, on "Zahava", Jordana Talsky has certainly left me impressed.  If you listen to these songs but aren't paying too close attention you can hear a bit of Kimbra in them.  There is some soul, some R&B and it just has this way about it in which Jordana Talsky just belts out the vocals.

But when you listen to this album even closer you will realize that all of the sounds which you hear are being made by Jordana Talsky through her mouth or body.  In the body way, there are claps and snaps so that's mostly what you'll hear on that level.  For her mouth though, she manages to sing the lyrics beautifully but then behind them she does the "ooh" and "ahh" and other sounds which aren't exactly words but combine together to form a soulful pop sound which is just so unique.  

With the songs being mostly vocals it makes it easier for you to focus on the lyrics as well, which have some great meanings in here.  The song "Oh Yeah" has the chorus of: "Oh yeah / I forgot / All the things I wanted to do with my life, before I'm too old".  I feel this too much because I always feel like I'm forgetting something and likely will at the end of the day.   I also enjoy the idea on "Honey" of "If you put your money down on an owl waiting for sunshine / She'll say Honey don't waste your time" because part of life is knowing when to let go.  

Something that I always do when I review music is think about "Well, what would it sound like if it was like this instead?"  For example here, if Jordana Talsky was using instruments instead of her voice what could this sound like?  P!nk?  Possibly.  But the way that Jordana Talsky uses her voice is done in such a way that I'm not sure you could replicate it with an actual instrument.  These songs just need to be accepted and appreciated for the works of art that they are, without comparison.  


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