Music Review //
Gavin Conway
"Throw a Stone"

Somewhere in time before the dawn of the 21st Century and after grunge had seemingly run its course on the mainstream radio there existed a genre of music which Gavin Conway would fit in with perfectly.   This song is slower, somewhat dreamy in the verses and then in the chorus it gets a little bit faster.   The melody and tempo in this way remind me of Eve 6, but I also could see this being played on the alternative rock radio station much like you would hear Black Crowes or Blind Melon.  

Through guitar solos, Gavin Conway sings about the title of the song and the ripples which it can create.   This is an idea which, when listening to this song, you can really begin to explore the deeper meaning behind it and take it as you best see fit for your own personal experience.  On one hand, you can think of the stone as being the starting point of something such as buying a guitar and then the ripples it creates are what happens along the way of you trying to become a musician.  

But outside of your own life and experiences, there is a deeper layer here where one could think of the stone as being a choice that they make and then the ripples being the various ways it affects those around them rather than themselves.   It becomes so psychological at this point that I feel like the song is too deep for the radio and mainstream, but at the same time, if you just take it at face value and don't read this much into it then it will be easily played on the radio to the unknowing masses.

The way that the sound just drops off sometimes with the drums and then comes back shows how much it should be heard and appreciated by as many listeners as possible.  But the way it has these hidden meanings and how you can read into it is what I love most about the song.  The best art is open for interpretation and this song has many ways of being looked at, even with the line: "Please show me my way home", and that just makes it something everyone needs to spend more time with to truly appreciate.  


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