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Davey Long
"Last Train To Tupelo"

Sometimes hearing a song can take you right back to a very specific moment in time.  In my younger years (but not that young) I visited Graceland and this song really made me think about everything surrounding that experience.  It has that way about it where it's a song which you might hear from Elvis Presley himself, but it also can become its own sort of genre within the guitar work and keys.

Davey Long blends the sounds of rock n roll with the blues on "Last Train To Tupelo".  It makes me think about The Day The Music Died.  There are those parts of this which are Little Richard and parts which make it feel like gospel.   I'm reminded of "Back To The Future" when Marty brings in this new sound called rock n roll.  This song just feels like it's from a very distinct time and when you hear it, you'll know.

Though this song name drops James Dean it also name drops Elvis and this song is about him because it mentions the blue eyes and, well, Tupelo is where Elvis was from.   Elvis was just one of those people that you would see in movies and concert footage before seeing him in news footage doing different things and he just had this way about him.  Elvis felt like he was Photoshopped into pictures before Photoshop was even invented.  There will just never be another like him and I like that this song pays tribute to him.

Whether or not you're a fan of Elvis Presley, you can still take something from this song if you're from the south.   The idea of someone riding a train, the way that person has fans and just the overall vibe of this song should be enough to get anyone up to move their feet.  It's a lot of fun but it's also a sound you don't hear as much of these days but I really feel like it needs to be explored more.   Regardless of if you're listening to this song for nostalgia or just because it is that good, you should be listening to it.  


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