Music Review //
Gregory Abbott
"Summer In The City"
(Mojo Man Entertainment)


It is not often that I like to use an entire soundtrack as an example of a genre, but "Summer In The City" is a song which undoubtedly belongs on the "Guardians of the Galaxy" soundtrack.   From the smooth R&B tones similar to Marvin Gaye to that easy-to-listen-to rock such as Rupert Holmes, this song just brings out a little bit of nearly every song on the soundtrack and so it would fit right in.

"Summer In The City" is very easy on the ears, just chill throughout and I can imagine it being played at any number of occasions but as the title suggests it does feel like a summer song to the extent that it is like the Beach Boys and is best played while the sun is shining.   This isn't the type of song you would play when you are sad or angry, but just relaxing in the summer time, possibly at night as the sun goes down and the heat begins to fade.

The music video for this song showcases a number of different situations.   There is one part where someone is shown texting and there is a big focus on the emojis- which are also part of the lyrics.  But, overall, this just has that summer time vibe where you can see the city and things which happen in the city during the summer.   A lot of this video is outside and it just seems like a lot of fun, but also it remains somewhat calm to keep with the vibe of the song.

One aspect of music I've always struggled with is when it feels seasonal.  I'm not the biggest fan of music for holidays, for example, because it's strange to me that you'd make a song which can only really be listened to one or two months out of the year.   But with "Summer In The City", it feels like not only could you listen to this throughout the summer (and if you live somewhere like California that could be an all the time situation) but you could just as easily play this in the winter if for no other reason than to reflect on your past summer and what you hope the next one will bring.