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Serious Sam Barrett
"The Seeds Of Love"

The music of Serious Sam Barrett is what I think of when I think of what folk music sounds like.  There are three distinct sounds on "The Seeds Of Love", though they can all be traced back to what can be considered folk and if singer/song-writer is still a genre to you then they could be part of that as well.   Most importantly though they just feel like songs of the people because they have the qualities in which you could literally set up anywhere and begin playing them.

On the first song- "Valentine's Day"- there are vocals and a banjo.   This happens again on songs such as "Bushes And Briars" and "Bonny May".   As a banjo can be this element of folk music, it always makes me think of Steve Martin or Kermit the Frog and less about someone who has used it for a serious sound.   However, there are musicians out there (even on the radio) who create music using banjos and other instruments and so in that way this does remind me of them a little bit.

"The Wagonner" explores the second sound of Serious Sam Barrett and that is the guitar strum with the vocals singing.   This also happens on "The Recruited Collier", which feels a little bit like Bob Dylan to me.   There is also an aspect to this music which you will hear in all three sounds (but perhaps most with the acoustic guitar) which makes me think of Flogging Molly.   It's not the same kind of fast paced punk, but it has a similar spirit.

Somehow the last sound is my favorite even though it is the most stripped down.   Songs such as "Every Night Has An Ending", "Drowsy Sleeper" and "Was On An April Morning" are only vocals.   I really enjoy how this sound can still create a melody all on its own and it feels like it puts more of a focus on that as well as the lyrics.   The addition of the banjo or acoustic guitar just feels like a bonus after hearing that so if you're into folk music then this album is perfect for you.  


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