Music Review //
No Future No Past
"the Plug" //

When I first listen to "the Plug" I hear it as being a bit like Post Malone because there is singing within what feels like hip hop vibes.  Granted, the most I know about Post Malone comes from that song he did for "Into the Spiderverse", so the comparison is really just based off of that song as well.   The sound of No Future No Past also has this chillwave aspect to it where you can just put it on to either go fast or slow depending upon what you are doing.

There exists this theory within the world of music that if you're going to be a band or an artist and not be your own name or a stage name (like the Billy Joel and Elton John types) then you need a name which would look good on a t-shirt.  I fully support the idea of having your name be something you'd like to see on merchandise and the name No Future No Past (or even to make it "N.F.N.P.") would be something I would definitely wear on a t-shirt.

Possibly taken from a song by Cloud Nothings, No Future No Past is an interesting concept because it indicates that you should not worry about tomorrow (that's anxiety) nor should you worry about yesterday (which is depression) and there is only the right now.  I love that idea of it because it reminds you to live in the moment without it feeling like it's being said in a cheesy way or a way which is overdone.

While "the Plug" has the type of sound you would hear on mainstream radio, I particularly enjoy how it can feel like something from the future (as I said, a Post Malone) but also it has elements of the past because I can hear a bit of PM Dawn within these sounds.   From the past to the future, the sound of No Past No Future is right now.   If listening to music in the present tense isn't enough for you then hopefully this song also helps you to live for the moment.  


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