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Matt Jaffe

When "Kintsugi" first starts I can hear these distorted guitar chords come through in a melody which makes me think of Kings Of Leon.   Throughout the first song, there is this pure rock which combines with almost a sense of punk and that brings up influences of Blondie.   Though the songs mostly remain melodic and distorted they can take on other factors as well, with artists like Cheap Trick making an appearance.

During the second song, "Weekend Lover", (which is about not wanting to be just a weekend lover) there are these elements of both Queen and David Bowie.   These sounds first come out for me then but they will remain for the rest of the album.   "Voodoo Doll" has a soft, crooner way about it, as if Matt Jaffe is singing you a love song written just for you like in the movie "Cry Baby".

Being the ever straight forward rock album, these songs often have the titles in the lyrics and as such they are what the songs are about.  "Voodoo Doll" has a good storytelling way about it while "Enough Bad Luck" seems to be pretty self-explanatory but still has words which you can relate with.  One of the more poignant lines on the album states: "I wish that I was hated if this is what you call love".

"Enough Bad Luck" also sounds a bit like that pop rock from "That Thing You Do!".  "Hurt Me Now" is the final song and I just love the way that the music and vocals are blended together.  If you are a fan of rock music then this should be right for you but there is also something so bold about "Kintsugi" which makes it a rock album that people who might not always listen to rock could still get down with.  


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