Music Review //
The Furious Seasons
"Home All Day, Home All Night"
(Stonegarden Records)

There may not be a better time for a band to be named The Furious Seasons than in the year 2021.   We spent a year on lockdown in 2020 but couldn't seem to figure out the global crisis known as the weather.   As I type this, I've gone from hurricane warnings to a tornado warning to a flash flood warning all within the same week.  NYC is underwater and I've seen videos of a tornado in NJ.  Mother Nature is pissed off and something needs to be done about it.

Even though their name is Furious, the band itself has a more mellow sound to it than anything else.  The sounds can get fast paced and feel like they're good for driving, but mostly they walk that line of rock n roll and Americana.   Artists like Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and even a little bit of Billy Joel come out in a more classic way, while some of the newer artists I can compare this with are The Wallflowers, Soul Asylum and The Rad Trads.  

The lyrics on here can tell stories but they can also be rather powerful.  One example of this is on the song "A Puff of Smoke", which says "I'm a walking ghost / A puff of white smoke".  I think about this a lot.  How it feels like I can go places and blend in with my surroundings so that no one else can really see me unless I say something and sort of allow them to see me.  But, also, in a much broader sense we can all go unseen and it shouldn't be that way.  We don't have to do what everyone says, but everyone should at least be heard.

Whenever I hear music like this, which I just feel is such a strong representation of America, I want to go outside.   I don't just want to walk around, I want to go to the National Parks or hiking- I want to get in touch with nature.  As much as "Home All Day, Home All Night" can feel like a portrayal of the people in this country it also feels like it's painting a picture of the country itself, of how it looked before it became so industrialized.