Music Review //
Avi Wisnia
"Catching Leaves"


When the song "Catching Leaves" begins, it puts me at peace.  There is a strong piano vibe from this one, which makes me feel like we're in a lounge singer atmosphere and that just cannot be stressful.  There is also this slight aspect of the style of Avi Wisnia which makes me think of this as being from the soundtrack to a children's film, much like Jack Johnson with "Curious George".   In all fairness though, the subject matter and overall pleasing sound of the song could very well be suited for listeners of all ages.

With a little bit of folk, I think of this song as sounding most like Ben Folds.   It's easy to say that though because the sounds you hear most are the piano plus voice.   I do expect at some point for this song to trail off with a "la la la la la" but it never does.    There are strings closer to the end, and then right before the end you can even hear the leaves begin to rustle and it just paints that musical picture.

As someone who was born in New England, moved out of New England and then moved back into New England I must admit that I enjoy the seasons, even though they seem to become shorter every year.   I think about how when I moved to Houston, for example, there weren't really seasons and the leaves didn't really change the same way there as they do in Connecticut.  Since I've just always kind of had leaves in my life (in autumn) I suppose it is something to consider for those out there who don't experience the same seasons.

There is an element of folk within "Catching Leaves" and on some level it can just sound like the piano ballad put on an otherwise rock-based album.   But that rock-based album might be closer to emo, and it might be closer to something from the early '00's such as Sherwood.  But the one song I did specifically think of was "Shades of Grey" by Waking Ashland, which I just feel is so great and so overlooked that Avi Wisnia should not be ignored.  


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