Music Review //
"Drift" //

"Drift" begins quietly, minimal, with these electronic loops which sound like insects and then this almost dance type of beat comes in front of it, which makes me think of a virtual game of ping pong.  Slowly, as it expands, the track begins to just drive and it can feel like we are simply floating throughout space.   Electric lightning strikes can be heard as they crackle into the background.

The way this can feel like we're playing a game, a bit like Tron, becomes unsettling when you think about how that game could be played with human lives.   A siren-like tone enters as we ding and form electronic boops with some trill.   Much of the song gets stripped down and quiet now, as it feels like we have gone from acceleration into hitting that stride and just drifting.  It returns and then has a way about it which feels like knocking.

A quiet wave of calm washes over the entire song now, everything being pushed to the back and then slowly crawling back to the front.  Little trills like machine gun blasts.  This is slightly magic.  This is slightly alien.   Deeper bass comes through like the pulse of the Tell-Tale Heart.   There is an X-Files feeling overall as we find the song just collapsing, falling to pieces, by the end.  The ping pong ball once contained within the game seems to have broken free, as it no longer knows any walls.  

By the end of the song it just sort drones out and makes me think like we're in more of a horror film than sci-fi but something like "Alien" would be really appropriate.  While this song is slightly towards the side of dance, I'm not sure how it would fit in at a party or club with that sort of playlist and the way it fades out at the end makes me too afraid that I'd fall asleep while driving to it.  This is perhaps just best experienced through headphones, by yourself and in the dark.  Not quite when it is bed time, but when that time for sleep is drawing near.  


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