Music Review //
Dylan Tauber
"Lone Satellite"

Listening to instrumental music can tend to take me to one of several places, which can be in the desert, in the middle of the ocean or lost in space for the most part.   Having this video to accompany the song "Lone Satellite" is nice because it just confirms my belief that this song (and perhaps all of the other songs I thought of it as well) is about drifting through space.  But within that, there is also a sense of isolation which can be scary.

This song has these beats which drop and make me think of the song "Fairly Local" by Twenty One Pilots.   They play on a loop with vocals which just make the oooh's and ahhh's as opposed to words.   The whole song is set to the same moderate pace.  It doesn't feel too slowed down to where you feel like you're about to approach your last breath, but it is getting there and that sets a unique tone.

During the course of this video you will see a satellite, planets and space.   It gives you that view of what you would likely see (Don't quote me on that, I'm not an astronaut) from space if you were in a satellite by yourself.  If you watch this video more than once you will begin to pick up on certain scenes which replay throughout.   I enjoy this as being a slight loop because I imagine that if you were by yourself, on a satellite in space (basically just waiting to die) you would see the same things over again whether on purpose or through hallucination.

Sometimes I feel like when I listen to a song that is about floating in space like this it is close to the end.   It seems like we always enter at that point where we're on the last moments before the end comes and death takes over.  With "Lone Satellite", I feel like we are a little bit more removed from that and so it has this nice reflection where you can begin to think of the song as what we do in the time when we're not doing things- the way in which we can think about the events in our lives which weren't significant enough to write about in our journals but still helped to make up our many days.