Music Review //
"seven years of silence" 

When "seven years of silence" first begins there are these pulse beats, electronics and darkness.  The way that the vocals come out through the singing reminds me a bit of Stabbing Westward, and at first listen many of the components of these songs remind me of Stabbing Westward.  However, it is that sound which might draw you into 1ST BASE RUNNER, but the way in which this expands and becomes its own sound is what will keep you coming back for more.

"Only One" has layered vocals while "All Thoughts" has drum machines and keys.  There is a serious side to this, as it can be slow and prodding, and that just makes it feel intense.  This isn't the fast paced type of driving electronic but it's more of a slowed down vibe with a bit of chill but I wouldn't relax while listening to it; I'd spend more time reflecting.   

Lyrically this album seems to pose a lot of existential questions.   "What am I" asks not only the titular question but also "Why was I born".   "Break Even" wonders what needs to be done just to break even, while the other songs have less of direct questions and lines which feel more like puzzles which when listening to them you can try and solve.  Simply stating something such as "All you loved is long gone" (as "All Thoughts" does) can make your mind go in any number of directions.

The music of 1ST BASE RUNNER takes that concept of what I am used to from an artist such as Stabbing Westward in the 1990's and gives it an update.  It is rare to find that modern take on a nostalgic sound which I love so much but it is here.   These lyrics can also really make you think and so with that and the sound combined this is definitely an album you should be not only listening to but studying like a test.