Music Review //
Rock of Asia
"Lal Dhaga"


One of the aspects of Rock of Asia which I enjoy so much is just how the music feels like it represents a culture.   Throughout this video, you get a glimpse into that culture through the wardrobe, visuals of art and just live city scenes.   At the end of the video it does tell you that it was filmed in India and Japan, which in itself is broad, but it does help in a sense of putting this sound on a map.

There is also quite a bit of the live performance in here- which can be on a stage and also elsewhere- which I feel just opens up the door to see what this looks like and how the music is created.    What sounds to me like a flute is technically called a "Shakuhachi" and is being played by Kizen Ohyama.   If you do a Google search on the term Shakuhachi you will find that it shares characteristics with a flute but one of my favorite things to see related to it is that it is also called the "Samurai Flute".

In addition to the sound of this there is also the dancing and movement which comes with the live show.   Because of the cultural aspect of this all, I am fascinated by Rock of Asia.   But seeing these images with this music makes me feel like this would be a live show unlike any other- just a big production and something you would have to experience as audio and visual to fully appreciate.   

I've been listening to Rock of Asia for a bit now and the music itself has just brought me in.   Seeing this video makes me want to go to a concert or an entire festival of similar sounds and just soak it all in.   While you may not be as interested as I am in this, it can just be listened to in a casual way but just having it out there within your playlist or rotation of music videos just feels important for representation.  


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