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Beyond Wrestling
Dong Work For Yuta
@ White Eagle, Worcester, MA

I would be lying if I said one of the main reasons for me going to this wasn't because of the title.  I joked about it long enough for it to become true.   I enjoyed saying "We can't next Thursday.  We're going to The Dong Show" and being able to look back and say "Remember that match from The Dong Show..."   But I was sold on this show as well when three matches were announced: Trish Adora vs Alec Price, Willow Nightingale vs Tony Deppen and Masha Slamovich vs Megan Bayne.   Of those three matches, only one actually happened but Beyond Wrestling still managed to put on a solid show and so I must tip my hat to them for that.

When Jess and I got to the White Eagle we were outside for a little bit.  I'd never been to a Thursday night show before so I didn't know what time they let us in.  Jess bought seats so once we were in we decided to go sit next to where the wrestlers came out because why not be on IWTV all night and be able to yell at them all.   I feel like I always have to make a scene, even if I'm not really trying it just sort of happens at wrestling these days.

The show started with Rhett Titus vs Chris Dickinson.   The crowd was really into Chris Dickinson and there were a lot of "dick strings" chants.   I was perhaps one of the only people watching this match who wasn't invested in it.  I love Chris Dickinson but I feel like Rhett Titus is just poison to whatever he's involved with.  How does someone spend twenty years in ROH and not have a memorable match?

I quickly woke up for the second match though because as much as I love to cheer for Masha Slamovich I also love to boo Megan Bayne.  It was nice to see Masha get cheered here and Megan Bayne is really coming into her own as a heel, though some fans still want to cheer for her because she has that raw power you can't teach and is just intimidating.   After the match as Megan Bayne was walking to the back I told her "You still Megasuck!" and the look she gave me was priceless but I don't think any camera caught it.

Richard Holliday and Dan Berry had an interesting match if only because it felt like it was going well and then Vita Von Starr came out and attacked Dan Barry.   First, the attack didn't get the win but then later on it did which was even more confusing.  I feel like maybe 75-80% of the fans at the White Eagle didn't know who Vita Von Starr was and the rest who knew either didn't care or were just confused.  I feel like this really took all of the momentum out of the match because if you're going to do something like this a) Fans better know who the attacker is and b) There should be more clear of a reason for it.  I *thought* that she was Vita Von Starr but wasn't 100% certain and somehow that's just worse.

Shook Crew vs Kings Of The District was one of the best tag team matches I've ever seen.  I was happy that Kings Of The District got the reception that they did and I hope they're back in Beyond sooner than later.  I was a little annoyed though that a section of the crowd near the ring tried to get a chant going of "Bobby Fucks Sheep".   I just feel like sexually explicit things such as that should be left in the past with ECW and wrestlers who I won't name but were canceled during Speaking Out.  There also just has to be something more creative that the fans could come up with than recycling a chant from however many decades ago directed at Amish Roadkill.

When Teddy Goodz came out I showed him that we were wearing the same shirt and that was amazing.  The odds of him even coming out wearing a shirt seemed like it might not have made that one possible but that's definitely one of those moments I will always have.  As "Smart" Mark Sterling began to list off the accomplishments of the mystery opponent I felt like it could be VSK and that was a thought I had prior to this match but I was good with it because I knew that Teddy Goodz and VSK would just tear the house down.

This match lead to the announcement of Teddy Goodz vs Matt Cardona at Americanrana and I will be the first to admit that when Matt Cardona was announced for Americanrana I let out a sigh.  But to have him face Teddy Goodz just feels right and now it's a match I'm actually excited to see.   I feel like they can both bring out the best in each other.

Davienne vs Willow Nightingale is a match I feel like should've happened twenty times over by now but it became necessary when Tony Deppen couldn't make the show.  I prefer this match to Willow Nightingale vs Tony Deppen, but also (as with the Trish Adora-Alec Price match) it leaves something to be desired in the sense that now we can actually get Willow vs Tony on a future show and still be psyched for it.   So it's not so much that it couldn't happen ever but just on this night so it leaves you wanting more, which is always important.  The wrestling promoter's job is not only to bring you out to this show but to bring you out to the next show as well.

I would say that Willow Nightingale is America's Sweetheart and Davienne is Not America's Sweetheart so the way that works together just seemed to make their match so natural.   For me, it was Match Of The Night and if it ever does happen again I think it's going to be just as wonderful.   Just two of the best out there in the world of wrestling right now.

What I enjoyed about the match between Matt Makowski and Aaron Rourke is that despite his look and attitude, Aaron Rourke can get it done in the ring and I feel like that just really represented that here.    This, however, took us into a tag team match with Pretty Proper taking on two guys I can't tell apart and don't really know their names.   Whatever anyone else sees in Alexander James and Logan Easton LaRoux... I just don't see it.  They're good heels, they get booed, but I just don't get excited about their matches in the same way that I want to boo, say, Megan Bayne.

This tag team match was also a bit odd because at one point I thought Victor Benjamin was legitimately injured but then Lady Frost was actually injured.   I'm not sure how it played out on IWTV but everyone there who saw Lady Frost getting rushed out knew something bad had happened.

Trish Adora came out for her open challenge and it looked as if it was going to be answered by Megan Bayne.   Granted I was at The Dong Show but if I had bought a ticket for the WWR+ show and this match happened here I would have been upset.  Luckily it was all a swerve to get Alisha Edwards into this match.  Alisha Edwards didn't get the same type of heat she got at WWR+ but maybe people didn't recognize her or just didn't want to boo.  It was a good match though and I particularly liked when Alisha Edwards yelled at Megan Bayne "You said this would be easy!"

The main event saw Wheeler Yuta vs Slade in a non-title No DQ match which saw thumbtacks, a trash can, a door and other weapons come into play.   This match itself was a lot of fun but I feel like the team of Wheeler Yuta, Richard Holliday and those two other guys are going to eventually go up against Slade and three partners.   I'm not sure who will be on the side of Slade- who he can get to help him- but I'm also wondering whether or not  War Games type of structure could fit inside the White Eagle.  (It can't)   The next Beyond show after Americanrana is on the beach though so maybe there.

Though it might have felt like there were bumps in the road not only getting to this show but also during the show, it was still a solid show overall and one that I would recommend watching the replay for if you haven't seen it.   Something like the injury to Lady Frost might make you not want to watch but seeing the Kings Of The District should make you want to watch.  The good on this show definitely outweighs the bad.  


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