Music Review //
Idiot Grins
"Satan's Jeweled Crown"


Before I even listened to this song it made me curious as to what exactly "Satan's Jeweled Crown" was, as I feel like all I really know about Satan is that he was once an angel but fell from grace.   I'm not sure how Satan got these jewels but it feels like more of a metaphor than a literal crown.  Based on the lyrics of the song, it feels partly like the crown you would wear just because you under the spell of Satan and being "reckless and evil".   

Though it also makes me think about the crown the King (as a lion) wore in the animated "Robin Hood" Disney film.   It could be just as much about the pursuit of things which you don't need- greed- and that is also a sin.  So it seems like it can be interpreted in a few different ways but just overall feels like you're under the spell of Satan and, as the song goes on to sing, God reaches down and sets you free.

There is a definite county feeling to this song.  It makes me think of what I can only relate with when Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash played together.  It has a slow, twang about it.  But yet, I also can hear a bit of what the music sounded like in the movie "Rango", and that film also happens to have one of my favorite soundtracks.   It's not just about being country in a cowboy way, but also country in a way about being in the desert.

This music video shows a person sitting around with mannequins staring at cell phones.   It can flash to images of various other characters (including the band playing), but it just seems to really want to reflect on how people have become drones and the spell Satan might put on you could be similar to that of what constantly having to look at a screen feels like.   Really just whether you are religious or not, you should listen to this song and watch the video because if you don't know someone who is always on their phone then it's probably you.