Music Review //
"Transmission 70" //

"Transmission 70" begins quietly, with minimal sounds, but then it turns into this scraping, which could be the sound of a plane taking off.   Back and forth almost static sounding vibes come in and then there is a hollowed out ringing behind it.   An audio clip of vocals enters, as all of the sounds grow together and become louder.   This sound feels like it's climbing upwards and then it all finally hits this spot where it reaches the top.

A more ominous, trance-like tone comes out now and just takes over the entire front of the song.   This bright hue just overshadows all of the other sounds heard up until this point and if you still that we're going up it could be that we are indeed ascending to Heaven.   Slip beats come into the background now.   It's a little bit of drone and a little bit of that Atari Pole Position type beeping going along with it.

Through some whirrs this can feel scrambled and then it has those echoes like a horror movie.  I begin to think about it as being in a way which rather than going up to Heaven we simply went up to where we exited the atmosphere and are now in space, floating.   Sounds like transmissions come through in the background before it goes quieter again and it does just leave me with that feeling as if we were just stranded in space.

While this song can tell a story- a visual to accompany the audio- it also just has this relaxing calm way about it.   Though I've stated that I felt like it could be going out into space, I could also listen to this song and relax while in water: whether it be floating on a raft in a pool or simply soaking in your bathtub.   The fact that this song can be so calm can leave it open for some much needed peace and reflection which is so rare to get in this world today and for that I am grateful to WooliebuGGer.


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