Friday, August 20, 2021

Music Review //
Elana Brody
"Rock Steady"


Upon first hearing the song "Rock Steady" I am left with a nostalgic feel.   Growing up, we had artists like Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine and in my slightly later years we had artists such as Jennifer Lopez.  I might just not be listening to the right songs, but it feels like the section of pop music which is destined to make you move is just not as present as it once was before.  

This music video helps to portray the vibe of the song because it's just a group of people dancing around near the ocean- both in the sand and nearby- having fun.  It's very pure in that way but it also is very blunt in the sense that it feels like not only the song itself but the music video is telling you to get up dance, especially if you're outside in the sun.   This whole song definitely has the vibe of summer and so in that sense it can also be closely related with Demi Lovato.

What I really like about this song is that it goes deeper than the lyrics you hear on the surface and the images you see in the video, at least for me.   There is a lyric which says: "Is that my guy or do I just want a rhythm, a rhythm to ride?"  This seems to be an eternal struggle for me as I feel like many of the people I have been attracted to in my life were only so because of the situation.  Maybe we were just good to pass time together at work, but outside of work we really didn't have anything in common and shouldn't have been dating.

Still, the song- as the title suggests- is not just about being in a relationship with someone else but also just dancing.  It's a good vibe to have and even if you just want to take it at face value, there is nothing wrong with just having some fun and this song is perfect for that.  I imagine people driving in one those open jeeps to the beach and playing a relaxed game of volleyball.  This song can put my mind at ease and hopefully you will move with it too.  

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