Music Review //
Chris Ianuzzi
"Live in Today" & "Funtastic Hellos"

This second single from Chris Ianuzzi sounds like what would happen if someone such as Peter Gabriel decided to implore the musical stylings of Trent Reznor.   This actually comes out sounding more like "Head Like A Hole" era of NIN and so I must admit that it is pretty cool, as the electronics, audio samples and Hey! Hey! comes out.  "Live in Today" can also just feel like such a strange trip, especially if played on repeat.

What hits me most about "Live in Today" is that right before the pandemic hit I was trying to live my best life- to make the most of my time while I've got it.   I feel like having that "seize the day" type of vibe is half of this song because it's not "Live *for* Today" it's "Live *in* Today".  I feel like the idea of someone who is "Live in" is someone who stays inside and that represents what happened during the pandemic with lockdowns and just all around fear.   

Along with this new single (the second from the forthcoming album), Chris Ianuzzi also has a remix of the song "Hellos" which is called "Funtastic Hellos".    There are beats like Resident Evil but then it also feels like it could be a dance number.   The only vocals in here really say "Funtastic" at times and overall it's just beats, beeps, bloops and a steady tempo that will make you do whatever you're doing a little bit faster.  I also enjoy this purr that sounds like a phone ringing.

As digital releases these feel like what would have been a 45 for my dad and what would have been a cassingle for me.   "Live in Today" would be the radio single from the upcoming album that you would basically buy the cassette to hear and then you'd get this bonus remix on the flip side.  This hasn't been done in anything I can directly remember but I know bands would often put acoustic or live versions on their b-sides.   The way this goes from scattered electronics to a more structured beat within songs just makes the whole experience worth giving a listen.