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"Still Intact"

The first sound I notice on the song "Still Intact" is that driving bass line.   It's something which I feel like The Cranberries perfected on "Zombie" and every time I hear it now I'm happy because it just fills me with energy.   This is a rock song more than anything else and by the chorus it can feel like a more melodic version of Metallica.   But then the synths kick in and I'm left listening to a sound within rock that I have not yet heard.

While the verses offer up a lot of lyrics to discuss, the chorus itself is a sort of mantra as it states:

"The screen is turning black

And now I'm on my own

Disguised, but still intact

Fully freed of my ego"

What strikes me in that is the change which comes from being fully freed of your ego.  The idea of the ego is something which many have philosophized about.  To me, I think a lot about life and the bigger picture.  I think about things as simple as going to work.  I'm sure most people have had days where they wanted to not go to work because instead they had plans for something fun- let's say going to the beach.   But if you tell your boss you don't want to work but want to go to the beach, they frown upon that (usually) so you end up lying and saying that you're sick instead.

At the end of the day though, and at the end of life, what does it really matter why we didn't want to take one of our days to go to work?  Most of the time the boss you answer to isn't even the highest up boss so they might not even lose anything by you taking time off for a reason such as the beach.  If I went into a business and they said they were understaffed because one of the employees went to the beach I'd understand.

I think about these things and what really affects us and how it really affects us a lot.  These types of questions can be raised within this song by HEELE, but this also just feels like a song with lyrics which give out a lot of spiritual guidance.   There are many ways to be happy in your life and I feel as if this song will help you the more time that you spend listening to it.  


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