Music Review //
Killed by The Architects
"Self-Titled" //

When first listening to this album it can sound as if it is somewhere between the radio rock of The Killers and that sort of sound and what would be largely referred to as "college rock", which has a more indepedent type of rock sound or is just for the smaller labels.  It's that type of band that isn't on the radio yet but is on their way there and might even be opening for the more mainstream act on tour.

At first I hear some Cage the Elephant but then also Lovedrug comes out as well.  It's a little bit trippy and within those modern rock sounds come some of that post-grunge, the way that music became after grunge sort of drifted from the spotlight.   I hear a bit of the Flaming Lips in here, though that isn't entirely helpful because of the vast amount of music that covers but this does also have a way of changing it up from song to song.

The song "One More Time", for example, has this post-punk darkness to it and then by the end it just kicks in heavy.  "Shatter" is one of the standout tracks on here with the line: "I'm never gonna change myself for you"  By the end, we start with the trippy acoustic song which builds up in the beats and overall there are just these blatant bass lines that seem to confirm everything about this album was rather deliberate.  

Often times I feel like music can go from being older (like the 1980's and before that) to being more modern and it makes it feel more like bookends in terms of time.  With Killed by The Architects, however, I feel more like this music covers the span of time which would be found within those bookends.   The way in which this music covers sounds from the late 1990's up until the early 2010's just makes it feel more like a path taken and ideas collected and gathered along the way.   This manages a definitive rock sound worth checking out.