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Dylan Tauber
"Sounds From Space 2"

"Sounds From Space 2" could not possibly be a more fitting name for this album by Dylan Tauber as it has a lot of space sounds within it.   Electronics and beats combine with pianos at times to just give you the overall feeling during these songs that you are in space- whether it be on a space station or just drifting through space itself hoping someone will come and rescue you.  It's that atmosphere which I have felt too many times before but this time it just happens to be more suggestive with the title.

One of the aspects of "Sounds From Space 2" is the fine line that it draws between being instrumental and not.   It often feels like music being instrumental is an either/of case, basically that it either is instrumental or it isn't.   But I really feel like Dylan Tauber could change the way that we view instrumental music here, as these songs rely more heavily on the music but also have some singing throughout them.   As early as the second song, "Ambience of India", you can begin to hear vocals but they feel buried in the background of big, expansive beats.

During "Heavenly" there are these electronic crackles but there also some ahhh's which make me think of angels and that's just fitting for the title.  "Earth" has big banging, like a storm, with a bass pulse behind it.  There are also some vocals in here but they feel more spoken through this eerie track.   Electro-loops come out on "Indian Ocean" and there are sort of like singing words coming through as well.   By the time we hit "Carmen Love" we are full into pianos and audio clips.  

It isn't until we reach "Away From Home" that we hear more definitive singing, in a way which with the title seems to further the story along.   There is an element of hip-hop as "Call Me The Sun" is perhaps the most pop-like song on he album and can come as somewhat of a surprise at the end.  Strictly by instrumental standards this album can remind me of Phantoms vs Fire but with the addition of carefully placed vocals it has that something extra which should have you going out of your way to experience this one.


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