Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Music Review //
Will Jackson
"Good Enough"

From the very start until the very end I feel like "Good Enough" sounds like a slightly faster version of the Counting Crows song "Hangin' Around".   It has that same sort of folk-laced piano vibe where you just imagine someone sitting outside playing it and having fun but also relaxing.  Much of this video takes place with Will Jackson inside playing the piano but at times he is also outside doing things.

This video just holds the same sort of vibe as the song as there are scenes of driving, out on a boat, on a porch and just gathering around a campfire.   The sound sets a very specific mood that the video will help portray.   It also features Will Jackson and one other person, whom you could assume that the song was about.

During the chorus there is the hook: "If it's good enough for you, well it's good enough for me" which makes me think of "The Goonies" and Cyndi Lauper but that's about where those comparisons end.   This doesn't really feel like a song from a soundtrack and if it was from any other time it would be the late 1990's when bands like Fastball and Semisonic were on the radio for the first time.

While this song and video can both have this feeling of calm and being neutral, the lyrics are about the same.   I like to think of that chorus hook as being a lesson in compromise, a sort of "If you're happy then I'm happy" and if you have that person in your life who you want to be happy and they want you to be happy then neither of you will ever be unhappy.  

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