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Elta Wave
"Everything I've Got"

The first thing you will hear when listening to "Everything I've Got" by Elta Wave is how much energy this song brings.  From start to finish it never lets up and while the verses are fast the chorus is faster.  It has a good dance rhythm to it where I feel like it's pop but you can get up and move along with the rhythm and the beats.  But that should not fool you into thinking this is any sort of dance genre or even pop.   The sound of Elta Wave on this song is a combination of many genres, perhaps creating a new one.

While this could be considered pop, there are also these slick distorted guitars which come through behind it all.  This makes me think about when Rob Thomas did the song "Smooth" with Santana, but also it has strong Ricky Martin vibes to it.   The whole thing is just layered with styles and they come together to form their own genre which has yet to exist.   The singing also comes out fast- but not rapping- and it makes me think of Gloria Estefan.

It's fun to think about using this song during a workout or when you need energy to power through something.  In that sense, it could be about anything or even instrumental as long as it keeps you moving.  But this song is about exactly what the title states and that is giving it everything that you've got.   Many people feel bad after they try something and fail, but if you try and fail there is no shame in failure if you give it everything you've got.  The only time you should feel badly about it is if you didn't give it your all.

"Everything I've Got" is a really fun song and musically you couldn't ask for more.  It's got a punch about it that you won't find in any other songs these days.   On top of that, you have lyrics which are positive and you'll find yourself singing along with them soon enough.   As you begin to get the song stuck in your head when you're not listening to it, you should also find the motivation and inspiration to live your life to the fullest, as is the true meaning behind this genre-creating single. 


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