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Hurricane Sugar


Who among us can say that they know the precise moment when they learned the definition of a word?  Even if you're twenty years old, you've still probably heard more words than you could ever remember when the first time you heard them all was.  And yet, as I sit here, old and having heard far too many words, I can tell you exactly when the first time I heard the word "Narcissist" was.   

Back in the 1990's, as I was big into WWE at the time, a character came about named "The Narcissist" Lex Luger.  Of course, being my younger self, I didn't know what a narcissist was but I knew that since he was being booed it wasn't a good thing.  So I asked around and even used a dictionary to figure out what this specific word meant and now I will forever have that memory to relate with. 

Hurricane Sugar provide a rock n roll sound that is influenced by blues.  It's heavier on the rock but can remind me of a band such as Jet.   There are starts and stops to this song, crunchy guitar chords, but near the four minute mark it just drops off into this break down which is wild.   This is how the song ends- for about a minute and a half it just rages- and I really like that this section isn't really like a bridge but more of a going out with a bang.

At the start of the video one band member asks if they came to play or not.  I suppose that the idea of the musician being a narcissist isn't lost on me with the way social media is these days you often find someone in a band who wants to be that face in front of it all.  This video mostly just consists of Hurricane Sugar playing but there is also a cat at various points.  It's a fun video to have on your television but also an energetic song to make you think about your personality.  


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