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Paula Standing
"The More I Give"

While the music of Paula Standing can have a folk sound overall- those acoustic guitar vibes which sometimes border on country- there are a few other sounds to be found within here as well.   At the end of the day this could be a perfect album for someone who likes to listen to rock on the softer side, something that is calm and not threatening, but all of the songs certainly do not have to sound the same for it to stay within that realm.

With elements of Paula Cole and Fleetwood Mac, these songs tend to feature only the voice of Paula Standing but there are also moments of backing vocals.  "Hiding Out In Tuscany" brings out more instruments and more of a sound which feels full, as opposed to just the acoustic guitar plus vocals which came before it.   The song is also about travelling so as such it does have that Highwayman vibe to it, where you would listen to it while driving.

"My Heart Goes With You" brings out a banjo and can remind me of John Denver while the titular track has those soft pianos which are borderline sad.   Artists like Crimson Calamity come to mind as we get into "Better Not To Know" and even a bit of "Back on the Chain Gang" by the Pretenders.   We go back into the softer acoustics for "Just Like It's Mine" before it picks up a little bit again on "Heaven On Earth".   It all ends with a solemn ballad though, in "Doing Fine".

The songs on "The More I Give" have lyrics about what the title is about and so they can be taken at face value.   On some level, I feel like "Mother To Me" is a modern day version of "Cat's in the Cradle" only it has more of a happy message than the song about the father.   If you really want to examine the lyrics you certainly can, but it's also just as easy to put this one, lean back and relax while it plays.  


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