Music Review //
High Chair
"Hey Mountain Hey"
(Kiyabisu Records)

This album begins with a flurry of sounds, fast beats and then it kicks into an almost classic rock sound.   I hear something between Rush and Pink Floyd and I definitely feel like this could be the type of guitar work you could hear at the laser rock show.   I'm not even sure if those still exist, but they were around in the 1980's and I feel like with the advances we have made in technology they could exist in a whole new way in the present tense.

The mood of "Hey Mountain Hey" is a pleasant one.   It's never ever really threatening and it's just something chill to listen to while you're relaxing or trying to get stuff done.   There are acoustic vibes at times and it can just hit this groove on songs where your mind can get lost in it.  I'm not sure if it is too bold or not to say this but this album does almost have a happy set of undertones to it and it could put you in a good mood.

One aspect of these songs which also just makes it feel upbeat is that the lyrics feel less like something you have to think about and more something to think on.   They have this way of being two statements in the chorus, which seems to present a mantra.   If something such as yoga or meditation took on the form of music without being the quiet minimal sound you'd expect it could very well sound like this.   On "Bring It Down" the chorus of "Rise Up / Bring It Down" is something which should be listened to daily.

Aside from this album feeling spiritual it just has killer guitar work.   Somewhere between something modern such as Blue October and something more in the classic realm such as Peter Frampton, High Chair has all of the right sounds to make you feel better and if you're already feeling okay then it can help take you to that next level.  This is truly an album which will not only please your ears but will also help strengthen your soul.  


  1. Hi Joshua, thank you very much for this lovely review. This is possibly the best review we've received for the album so far. You seem to really "get" what we're doing. Billy, (High Chair) (^_^)


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