Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Music Review //
"My Fears in the Night"


Right away I enjoy the sound of Brainsqueezed.   In modern terms, this rock can sound like fun. while in a more classic way it can remind me of Queen or any of the older artists which you could compare with fun.   I like that about it because it's rock but it has harmonies and just feels like the chorus is being belted out.   It's a nice song to listen to in a playlist, whatever your mood or objective might be for the day.

Through this music video we see futuristic type images.   They appear to be computer generated and I like that about them as well because they sometimes look like effects, sometimes look more modern and other times just look like something you think of being made back when they first started making PCs.   On some level this also reminds me of "I, Robot" as there are similar looking robots within this video.

I've always been one for rock which sounds like this but with the images that accompany it in the video I just like it even more.    The whole idea of the song should sit well with everyone also.  Don't we all have fears in the night?  What of our dreams?  What if we die in our sleep?  It really makes you think not just about fear but about how precious it is that we wake up every morning after falling asleep the night before.

But then I also like to think about the song with the elements of the video and compare it with a robot takeover.   Do you think that at one point in time all robots just began ruling the world?  It's not like you punch out of work one day and that night it's revealed all robots are now your leaders.  Though the clues are there for it to gradually occur over time, it is much more a feeling of something which happens overnight.  One morning you wake up and are ruled by robots.  The signs have been there but we let it happen.  

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