Music Review //
Ajay Mathur
"I Need You Now"

"I Need You Now" hits instantly as a power rock song with acoustic undertones.  It has that way about it that you could definitely hear it on the radio, a Deep Blue Something quality, but it also has these instruments behind the traditional bass/drums/guitar which make it stand out in an even more magical way.  It moves fast from start to finish, but after enough listens you will certainly be singing along.

Perhaps aside from the music itself the most redeeming aspect of this song is the positivity of Ajay Mathur.   Just to admit that you need someone is a huge step for a lot of people- many want to feel like they don't have to rely on others so they think they're stronger by not asking for help.   Being able to admit that you do need help because there is a problem you cannot resolve yourself actually makes you stronger and I should know because I was in that exact situation recently.

Through these Beatles-esque strums come lines such as: "Let's come together / bring love and happiness", which I feel are needed now more than ever.   I don't really care if it reminds people too much of something else (like hippies) because we need more songs about coming together and being happy, preaching love and peace over whatever the world has turned into during the pandemic.   Think about it: we were never really all on the same page, but as a country (USA) and even the world we have seemingly become more divided than ever with recent events.  

While there are lyrics which read like verses to this song, sometimes there are just these single sentence declarations which I also enjoy because they are just these positive tidbits of sunshine that would make the world go around, thoughts like: "A celebration / I wish you all the best"   When was the last time you heard a musician wish someone else the best in a serious manner? The world certainly needs more of it; may this song light your way.  


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