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Tenuous Threads

Tenuous Threads has created a layered album of various genres of music, stylized together to form a constant sound.  Though "Mettle" can be identified as an EP, with the length of each song and overall story that they tell this can also feel as powerful as a full length album.  The tempo changes- sometimes within the songs- but it can always seem to hold my attention.  The sound is also not threatening, so it's good for those who wish to listen to something which is borderline pop but overall just seems to be outsider rock.

Right away I feel like this sounds like Genesis.  There are trippy layered vocals and beats.  "Hope Springs" has a bit more of a dance number feel to it and as I was listening to a lot of similar artists at the time I feel like this one could have come out in the early 2000's on Tooth & Nail and fit right in.  "Is It Any Wonder" is the third song and it begins with these acoustic type folk string plucks.   There is an audio clip within this song which then upsets the tone of the song, as it becomes heavier.  This is just one of those examples of how each song can feel like a small album.

During the third song there is an audio clip about a woman who disappeared and her family was concerned.  It's a little bit jarring and when I listen to it I get put in a mood I don't want to be in because the audio clip explains that the woman's car was found in the parking lot- untouched- and things such as her bank account had not been touched since her disappearance either.  It was like she simply vanished and left no clues behind- no trace of what happened to her- and those are the truly scary type of things which send shivers down my spine.

"Now Or Never" is a faster song, closer to prog rock but also it still has those melodies.   Before it ends we are given an updated audio clip which explains that the missing woman (they do name her as well) was found alive but the family wishes to remain private about what had happened.   Perhaps the mystery surrounding it all is the most unnerving of this entire story, but the music itself is just a pleasure to listen to on any occasion.  


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