Music Review //
Black Reuss
"Metamorphosis" //

"Metamorphosis" begins with these light ringing tones which could almost take us into any style of music (I was thinking of Gotye) but then it becomes a rather distinct style of metal.   Through chugging guitars such as on "Grief" (which I really happen to enjoy) it can also slow down and feel plodding such as on "Lifeblood".   "Anger" has big drumming on it while you can also hear pianos on "Fear".  

What Black Reuss has created on this album is unique because it's not quite as easy to compare with what you think of metal in terms of Metallica or just something from "Headbanger's Ball".   But at the same time, this can remind me of artists such as Chevelle and even "Acceptance" brings out some Evan's Blue, but overall it doesn't have that same style of what could be from the radio as post rock or post metal.

Perhaps the reason why I like Black Reuss most of all is because their sound can most closely represent that of Stone Temple Pilots to me, who are one of my all time favorite bands.  But it is more of that STP sound from "Core" and "No. 4", which is just when I feel like they were closer to metal without actually being quite metal.  I would say, though, that this album would be filed under metal in a general sense.

While "Inspiration" has some long guitar solos- showcasing that guitar work- I feel like the song "Love" is my favorite to sing along with after hearing it enough times.    These songs should be on the radio because fans would come out, sing along and just mosh to this sound which might be unlike anything they've ever heard before- but in the best possible way- because I know that holds true for me.  


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