Friday, August 30, 2019

Music Review //
Scott Seisler Band
"Missed the Last" //

My first thoughts on this Scott Seisler Band album are that it has a certain radio rock way about it, like something I would have heard in the 1990's and I very much enjoy that about it.   Though it might not sound quite the same, I imagine it being on the radio between bands like Lit and Stroke 9-- that era of what the radio called alternative rock.    There are some killer guitar riffs in here as well.

The third song is the titular track and it discusses suicide, with the line: "I failed you my brother / No, I can never go back"  In the grand scheme of things, I feel like suicide can often times be glorified in some way.   People will sing about killing themselves- and some actually do- and it becomes this way of people thinking "I could do that, that would show them" but with this song, "Missed the Last", it's from the point of view of the singer, who is still alive and hopefully gives those thinking about suicide something to think about as this is more of the aftermath than praising it.

At times this reminds me of The Verve Pipe (underrated) and at other times it reminds me of Fozzy because, yes, that Chris Jericho band is now my go-to for those higher pitched vocals that you just belt out like metal and then these guitar parts just tearing the place down.   "Smoke In Hand" gets really intense and the music plays right along with the words and while I feel like this could be the setting of some night club somewhere it could also fill an arena through the speakers.

"Red Summer" reminds me of Tenacious D and overall this is just rock n roll.   "I Don't Mind" has such a fun rhythm and the idea of "I can't go on but I still try" seems to be reflected in a lot of the music which I listen to but that's okay.   "Everything I Know" just grooves and can resemble Tom Petty at first but then it just kicks in to where you feel like it's heavy but fun.   As the chorus comes on, this song just feels like the sing-along hit every band seems to want to create because for some of us music is the only way we know of relating with other people.

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